NYC->Shanghai, 42 days (6 weeks) & counting: Size matters

Today, I’m starting a blog series documenting things I love (and likely things I don’t love all that much) about NYC as I prepare for my six month journey to Shanghai for my Fulbright! Will be posting interesting quips about the City, its buildings, its spaces, its people, and my interactions with all of the above, as a bit of a prelude to the “advanced people watching” I’ll be doing throughout China (which I’ll also be blogging about!). Hope you’ll join me for this countdown, as well as for my China adventure!

July 30th, 2013. 42 days.

On my walk home from the gym today, I noticed this building for the first time:

2013-07-29 19.31.25

This is the smallest, skinniest building I’ve ever seen in NYC! And I love it. For its intimacy. For its humanness. For the stories it inspires of the people that reside in it. This building is part of what makes NYC so wonderful – the richness and diversity of its people is reflected in its (best) architecture and urban design. This building would certainly boost the street’s State of Place  – interesting, unique, colorful, lively, and it even has an awning and it’s in front of a Citybike stand! Fabulous – just as I felt as I was walking past it.

My quest – to find a similar building in Shanghai! Stay tuned!

That’s all for now!

“Talk” tomorrow…


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