NYC –> Shanghai, 16 days. You Want Some Music with that Art?

August 25th, 2013. 16 days.

Bodega. Meets mini gallery. Meets newest Alphabet City concert venue.

2013-08-24 21.40.01Last night, this was the scene across the street from my place. Great jazz tunes, people gathering, listening, taking photos and videos. A classic city moment. But what made this one particularly special was the fact that less than a year ago, this concert “hall” served merely as storage for the Bodega right next to it. Now, it normally houses a little make-shift gallery where a local artist showcases and sells her whimsical art. But if that wasn’t a cool enough reuse of space, she’s now apparently offered it up to aspiring musicians looking for a following of their own. What a wonderful asset to the neighborhood – and what an incredibly inexpensive and ingenious way to immediately “add value” – in all senses of that word – to its residents, the concert-goers, this artist, the curator artist, and possibly even the bodega! This is what sustainability is really all about…

Correction – and this makes this even better – the art being showcased is not only that of the artist using the space, it also showcases art created by the homeless. Awesome!


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