NYC –> Shanghai, 31 days (one month!): Take a seat

August 10th, 2013. 31 days. One month.

Hudson River Park. Art + Outdoor Seating = Awesome urban design!!

 2013-08-05 13.39.59So turns out I got to see a lot of cool stuff as a result of my failed mission to the Chinese Consulate last week – not the least of which was this sculpture/chair fusion. I love it when art plays double duty like this! 2013-08-05 13.40.06And guess what, it was actually being used! In fact, had I known this existed (again, I’m pretty sure this was the first time I was this close to the Hudson since moving to NYC two years ago – except for my visits to the High Line), I would have eaten lunch here as it was an absolutely gorgeous day, as you can see, and there was essentially an in-built desk in addition to the seat (you may see me with my laptop here before I leave)! Now, I realize that moveable seating is typically more amenable to use than fixed chairs. That said, I thought this was an ingenious way to create interactive art that lent a seat to urban park goers, which, as I’ve noted before, is a key factor to a successful open space. For my part, seeing this on my three mile + walk home just made me happy and gave a unforeseen purpose to my otherwise thwarted trip. I can only hope for such serendipity in China, as I know I’ll make many a wrong turn and encounter countless diversions!


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