NYC –> Shanghai, 32 days: “To market, to market, to buy a fat pig”

August 9th, 2013. 32 days.

Chelsea Market. NYC.

2013-08-05 16.32.14 OK, so you can’t actually get a whole pig at the Chelsea market (although that would be super cool – I could rig a “caja china,” aka a Cuban pit roast, in East River Park, right?). Nevertheless, if this wasn’t as close to the Hudson as I am to the East River, I’d be here ALL the time. What’s not to love? A reclaimed warehouse space turned into a foodie paradise offering an eclectic array of fresh produce, hand-crafted food, amazing baked goods, and unique local crafts. It’s a great meeting and gathering spot for the area, especially as it’s right near the entrance to the ever-popular Highline. Earlier this week, I made the trek (seriously, not exaggerating here) to the Chinese consulate in NYC to apply for my Visa for the Fulbright. While I failed miserably (don’t ask), I tried to make the best of it and took an amazing walk down Hudson River park (I’ll blog about that soon) and ended up at the Chelsea market. Knowing I had already walked about three miles and was nearly that far away from home, I treated myself to gelato (one of the many joys of walkability!) and more importantly, soaked up the scene at the market, as I don’t get to frequent it anywhere near as often as I’d like. This is the intersection of my two passions – dynamic placemaking and FOOD! – and it’s an amazing asset for this neighborhood and NYC! The amazing thing is, food can energize a place even without a costly rehab to a cool urban space. Food begets people and enlivens spaces! And luckily enough for me, that’s also evident in Shanghai. Cannot wait to explore the nexus between placemaking and food in China as well!


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