NYC –> Shanghai, 33 days: “Music mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel”

August 8th, 2013. 33 days.

Soho. Energetic. Street. Performance. I <3 NY!

2013-08-06 14.50.14 While on my way from the LES to a meeting in the East Village a couple of days ago, I heard the some infectious music coming from this street corner. Although I was running a bit late, I quickly snapped this picture. My apologies for the low quality – after I walked away, I wish I had the Vine app because a video would have done this scene WAY more justice! (Note to self – install Vine before heading to Shanghai!) At one of the busiest intersections in NYC, this improvisational musician had managed to gather a crowd of folks tapping along (see the guy in the pink sneaker’s stance ;)), taking pictures (I wasn’t the only one), and enjoying this impromptu concert. Besides adding to that urban vitality that makes cities like NYC so great (I enjoyed many a concert like this one in DC when I lived there as well), music acts as a great gathering mechanism. And, as it is indeed a universal language, it tends to attract quite diverse crowds. For as long as this guy is playing, these “concert-goers” are one people, with the same interests, coming together to enjoy some great tunes. It’s an awesome city moment. Although I haven’t quite come across these kinds of “concerts” in China, I have been witness to some cool coordinated dances by mostly older Chinese women. And, one of my fellow Fulbrighters is studying salsa in China!! Yeah, crazy, I know! So I think I’m in for some good mobilizing music and dance!


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