NYC->Shanghai, 41 days & counting: The Dolphin is in the Details?

July 31st, 2013. 41 days.

Happened across this funny sign in the East Village the other day:

2013-07-30 17.33.27

I was SO excited – wow, such cool wayfinding! And it’s helping New Yorkers navigate toward unknown art treasures, no less! Too bad I’m not teaching next semester – I would have definitely incorporated this into my Design of Cities Intro to People Watching Tour. My students always get a kick out of that tour (and that course) – not only because they learn to look for clues about how people use the city and how the city shapes people’s behaviors – but because they are super psyched by the fact that I sort of earn my living doing this! (Yeah, it is pretty cool I admit!). Anyway, I’m super into this seemingly simple city navigating tool – it directs folks to interesting creative discoveries all throughout the city, encourages exploration, and gets people moving on foot (or bike) – my favorite type of mobility! It’s definitely a State of Place boost – but it’s also so endearing. The playfulness of the sign (they are obviously not taking themselves too seriously) makes you want to follow the path toward the unknown. Next time I’m down that way and can spare a few minutes, I’m definitely going to follow that path and figure out what this human figure holding back a dolphin type creature with legs looks like in real life! I’ll take pics and let you know!…Not sure I’ve seen wayfinding quite like this in China…we’ll see…41 days!


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