NYC –> Shanghai, 3 days! It’s My Block and I’ll Party If I Want To

September 7th, 2013. 3 days.

One block away from where I live. All block long. All day long.

2013-09-07 19.28.26 A classic block party. What’s not to love? Heard it all day long from our apartment – our windows were open to take advantage of the beautiful, first hints of fall air we’ve been enjoying over the last 24 hours. Music, laughter, chatter could all be heard. Provided some much-needed entertainment as I agonized over my packing list and wondered whether or not to bring that extra sweater. But even better, I got to walk through it on my way to my “going-away party.” I secretly wished I could have hosted my gathering right there with my 7th street neighbors. They had all of the necessary components of a perfect party – and incidentally, of a great “place” – good food, music, chairs, entertainment…I’m really going to miss it…Interestingly, while I’ve studied the impact design and place have on people for well over a decade, the understanding of that connection is so much deeper when you experience it personally. When you know how pivotal a role *place* can play in your daily life, how it can add a layer of satisfaction that other aspects of life just cannot, you can’t help but want everyone to have the opportunity to experience that kind of “relationship.” It really is something to celebrate!


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