It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye to…Zombies? Pivoting & Lean Placemaking™ Part Three

(Or Why You Must Stop Saying, Build It And They Will Come!)   By now, I hope you’re as excited as I am about the potential for Lean Placemaking™ to resuscitate zombie cities. To recap: Lean Startup for Cities – Lean Placemaking™ – can help make planning and economic development processes more efficient and effective Cities need […]

MVPs as antidotes for zombie cities: Lean Placemaking™ Part Two

  Last week, I began to lay out my plan to “infect” cities – to unleash an epidemic of Lean Placemaking™. I explained why many cities are zombies – not quite failing, not quite succeeding – but that adopting Lean Startup principles could save them from this fate. I argued that cities have a lot to […]

Why many cities are zombies (and how Lean Placemaking™ can bring them back to life)

  Cities have a lot in common with startups: The majority of cities are increasingly bootstrapping Nearly all have limited resources and yet have seemingly endless responsibilities and goals to accomplish. Many have failed or are failing, relative to meeting their established missions But perhaps more precisely, and more distressingly, many cities are effectively “zombies” […]

Galloping toward a healthy China in the Year of the Horse: I Walk Hard for My Money

  Xin Nian Kuaile! Happy Chinese New Year! As I sit here in my 19th-floor French Concession flat, still recovering from the shock and awe of the apocalyptic-like display of Lunar New Year fireworks I witnessed this week, I wonder what the year of the horse has in store for China.    According to Feng […]

Today I’m “Walk-ful” For, Part 2: I Walk Hard for My Money

  Happy New Year to you and happy four-month Shanghai-versary to me!   Time flies when you are walking hard for a living! Right before Thanksgiving, I posted a gratitude blog outlining five Shanghai placemaking features for which I was  thankful. I promised you a second post the following week detailing five NYC built environment […]

Today I’m “Walk”ful for…I Walk Hard for My Money

Kuaile Gan’en Jie cong Shanghai! Happy Thanksgiving from Shanghai!   As many of you already know, “place” is a key part my personal fulfillment (and of course great places contribute critically to enhancing the triple bottom line!). Given that, this two-part blog post will outline ten characteristics of place for which I am thankful in […]

The Vortex: I (have been) walk(ing) hard for my money!

  Duibuqi duzhe! Wo hai zai zheli! (Sorry readers! I am still here!)   I am remiss, as it has now been a month since I promised you three months worth of blogs! In my defense, I have been busy learning Chinese (as you can obviously see from my new-found pinyin “proficiency”), taking rather odd […]

Nihao, Shanghai! I Walk Hard For My Money!

Nihao from Shanghai, everyone! It’s hard to believe that three weeks ago, just over 24 hours after I had landed in Shanghai, I was having a glass of wine in Xintiandi with a good friend, nervously anticipating the next day’s apartment hunting expedition. Tonight, I’m looking out on the vast Shanghai skyline from my 19th […]

NYC –> Shanghai, 1 day!!! Goodnight Sweetheart, Now It’s Time To Go…

September 9th, 2013. One day – in like, I leave tomorrow! Right around the corner from our place. It’s like the universe knows. When I started this countdown mini-blog series 41 days ago, I’m not quite sure I fully comprehended that it would actually end (I certainly didn’t think I’d manage to do it daily!) […]

NYC –> Shanghai, 2 days! Slicing It Up Right!

September 8th, 2013. 2 days!! Famous Joe’s Pizza. Union Square. Having worked up an appetite after what I hope to be the last of my errands, I figured I’d sneak in one last slice or two of New York pie. I went to the recently-opened second location of Joe’s pizza – an NYC institution. After […]